Following the US presidential debates has made me think quite a bit. I think everyone has a Donald trump in their lives. Almost everyone I speak to can point me to one person in their lives that remind them of him. But that’s not what I was thinking about lately.

I’ve been thinking about the issue of immigrants. It’s my thesis topic, but it’s also become a topic I’ve come to take interest in (maybe because it’s my thesis topic haha). A few week back, Jet and I were eating dinner with his friends. One of his friends brought up the issue of having lack of food stalls in their campus because there isn’t enough business. As a result, they try to promote the food stalls to the public instead of just to the students there.

I thought about that because sometimes at NUS, I get irritated when I see the science park bus. Hoards of science park employees flooding our canteen during lunch time for cheap (and relatively good) food. But then now after hearing what Jet’s friend said, it kind of made me look at things in perspective. If there weren’t members of the public “flooding” our canteens and utown, there will be less food options for nus students (at a cheap price too). So, we complain that these people crowd us out so much that we don’t get to enjoy our food in a less crowded area, when in actual fact, we may not even get to enjoy these food if not for these people.

It’s kind of like the immigration situation. If we are just 2.5 million people, will we have the same variety of food, clothing, malls…stuff? Will people want to open shop in Singapore with such a small market? Can people survive if they do? No Krispy Kremes, no famous tokyo ramen would want to come and open shop.

We want to keep the variety, but we don’t want the crowd.

So I guess it’s not such an easy thing to balance.


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