December is here!

December is here and my favourite holiday is approaching (Christmas!). I’ve not idea why I like Christmas so much, but it always feels magical to me 😀 Two years ago, I got a white Christmas in Iceland. Although I was pretty bummed to be away for the holiday, snow totally made up for it.

Even though it’s the end of the year, there’s still lotsa things to do and be excited about.

  1. Start and complete my thesis… all in one month (yaye?)
  2. Getting baptised. Woohoo! I’m finally getting baptised and I’m more excited than I imagined myself to be.
  3. 1st year anniversary with the most amazing thing in the world
  4. Re-reading harry potter. the fantastic beast movie was fantastic and I’m like, I wanna revisit the magical world again.

It’s the end of the year, but then at the same time, I feel like I’ve just stepped into something new. It feels like it’s the start of something new (cue high school musical song).

I cleared my room recently and it feels like a totally new room. I feel like I’ve just shifted in. Somehow it feels like I’m in primary school again and it’s the end of the year so you pass down all your old textbooks and get new ones. The lovely thing just got me yankee scenterpiece warmer yesterday with three scents for an early christmas present and the room is smelling divine. I really love it. More about that later.

I told the boyfriend that my room feels like a reflection of my current life. It’s like how I decluttered my life recently too. There are some long standing feelings that I’ve recently resolved and I’ve found hope again in certain areas of my life. A part of me also feels like my relationship with God has gone to another level as well.

Life feels good. A friend recently asked me if I’m happy to be alive. I thought about it for a while. In the past, I’ll probably say no in a heartbeat. But this time, I was more hesitant to say no. There’s still down days and frustration, but overall, I think I do feel good to be alive. I think there are exciting times ahead, much to look forward to and an awesome partner to ride this rollercoaster ride with me.

Recently, my church invited a guest speaker, who is a clinical psychologist to speak about relationships and growth. I think I really learnt quite a bit. Both about the topic and about myself more. I think there are somethings I want to remember through the course of my relationship with Jet. But I think the takeaway was that, I was more sure than ever that Jet is, what people would call, the one. I’m a little bit more confident that this man is the one I want to share and spend my whole life with. He’s the one I want to suffer and enjoy with.

When I cleared out my room and looked at the stacks of notes and all the memorabilia from yesteryears, there was this feeling of *sigh*. Not *sigh* in a bad way, but more of being very glad that I persisted all these years. Glad that I persisted through many things. Glad that I held on and kept going even when things didn’t make sense just yet.

Next year is coming and I’m still thinking what I want that year to be all about, but until 2017, there’s still so much to look forward to.


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