I got baptised on 18 December 2016! Whee! Missing: Gary who had to rush home because of cutie Pudding (Thanks for coming down!).

My feels warm today, not only because I got baptised, but because of the people who love me. I’m thankful for friends who come down to support me and for church friends who help me arrange and take care of my friends when I’m busy running around. Thank you for all the gifts and flowers too! ❤

A church friend of mine commented that my friends are really a bunch of genuine people. I really think so too. Today, I had invited friends from most stages of my life and I think I’m blessed in that I find very genuine and amazing friends at every stage of my life that are always happy for me (and happy to see me get dunked). Be it birthdays, send-offs for overseas trips, mails on exchange or baptism, they’ve always supported me through and through. They are people I know I can count on. Thanks guys ❤ wo ai ni men. Never taking y’all for granted.

Then there’s my best boyfriend who really organised the fetching of my friends and everything. He sent lunch down because he was afraid I didn’t have time to eat, went to fetch my friends, carried my stuff everywhere. My PA, jet plane, and flower holder all rolled into one. I know he was dead tired, but he still pushed on because he knew it was an important day for me. I don’t know where I found such an amazing thing.

I had intended to get baptised after exchange after I turned 21. But then it got postponed and so, 18 December it was. Baptism, I gathered, is a rather huge thing for every Christian. I didn’t think it was such a big deal until everyone started making it so haha, so I caught on to it too. I think the best part is of course having my friends to witness it. They say it’s like your wedding with God and I guess that analogy is true. Nothing changes when your baptised, the same way nothing changes when you’re married. You’re gonna continue being with the same guy no matter whether you’re married or not, but marrying does make it kind of official and stuff. So, even if I weren’t baptised, I’ll still be a Christian, but this feels like the right time to make it official.

I first decided to get baptised on exchange. I think it was during exchange my relationship with God grew to a whole new level and I was ready. I was sure this is the God I want to follow for the rest of my life. God has been a huge constant in my life and this is one relationship I dont think I can ever turn my back on.

I’m not the best Christian by any standards and many people have told me they never thought I was one until I mention I am. I’m not proud of this, neither am I ashamed of it. It’s just how my Christian walk is. I try my best to grow and I think that’s all that counts. After all has been said and done, it’s my relationship with God that matters in the end.

I came to church 8 years ago as a 15 year old ah lian. I always thought that I’ve not changed much, but the fact is that I have. A large part of who I am today, what I believe in and what motivates me have got to do with church. Whether I admit it or not, church and God have definitely shaped me and made me who I am today. Much of what I know and do in my everyday life, I learn from church/bible/God.

It has been a long Christian walk, but I think the road ahead is longer. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m trying everyday. I look back on these 8 years and I can remember desperate times when I clung on to faith. There have been times when I doubted God, His goodness or His existence. There have been times I’ve rebelled against God and deliberately attempt to spite Him. But there’s never been any one time when He let go of me. He has remained faithful all these while. He’s the severus snape in this relationship (“Always”).

It feels fitting to be baptised on the same day as leowjia who I came to church with for the first time 8 years ago. Our christian walk was intertwined in the beginning. We’ve grown a little apart, but I still know that I can always count on him. It also feels fitting that my first CGL played a part in baptising me too (he’s the one that helps to lift the person up when they go into the water). He played a huge part at the start of my Christian walk, as did my many leaders, and I owe all those who have loved me, nurtured me and tolerated me along the way much gratitude.

And so, this marks another milestone in my Christian journey.


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