Partaye in the USA

Well I should be asleep right now considering I should be up in another 3ish hours to catch my plane. My villager life has gone down the drain. 

It’ll be my first time flying to USA and I’m pretty excited. The last two days I’ve been chionging my thesis because my prof gave me back my thesis draft just yesterday and I wanted to complete it before I leave for USA since it’s due a couple of days after I’m back. Looks like I’m gonna be doing my thesis on the plane instead hahaha. 

We’ll be landing just in time for trump’s first day of presidency. It’s pretty apt since I’m going there for a conference to present on xenophobia – something trump has a lot of. 

The real purpose of going to USA is for a conference presentation + vacation. Confercation? Idk. The rest of the crew is already there and jet and I will be arriving one day after them. Haha im blessed with a Boyfriend who willingly drops work and school just to accompany me. Haha it’ll be our first trip together and it’s exciting cos it’s the first time being in USA for the both of us. So it’s kinda like an adventure for us. I mean we even got matching travel. What’s there not to love about this trip haha. 

Hope we get through the 24 hr flight journey just fine without too much back aches and whatnots. 

I’m already thinking of puns to annoy him for the next 12 days together. Jetair jetplane jetlag. Kay I should sleep soon. 


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