Hi, I’m Peiwei, known as Pee to most of my friends. I’m an NUS psychology student. You can contact me at leepeiwei09@gmail.com

Aye, I’m unsure of what else I’m supposed to type on this page. What does “about” even mean? About… what? Does the “about” refer to me, my blog, my life or my interest and hobbies? Do I write the same things I used to write about myself on Friendster (so old school)? Or fill up this page like how I’ll fill up my profile on a dating site (I dont use dating sites, just sayin,…maybe)? Do people even read this page?

You reading this page, why did you click the “about” button? What did you expect to see?

Do I say things like “my favourites in life include reading, writing, drawing, my friends, God…” (and oh yes, how can I forget my latest obsession… AGENT P!)

“walao, how dare you forget me?”

I’ve read some “about” pages and many were so cleverly written. My blog’s tagline used to be “I have nothing smart to say, so I set up a blog.”. However, clearly that doesn’t apply anymore because many bright and brilliant people blog. It’s not difficult to see I’m not one of them.

I’m just a typical average Singaporean. I’m somewhat concerned, but can be rather apathetic about Singapore’s politics so I don’t really write thoughtful and argumentative pieces on the state of our…state. I think a lot about life, but I’m not at the thought catalogue standard to dish out bulleted lists of advices to people about what they have to learn by the time they hit a certain age or to offer checklists of flaws your boyfriend should have before you ditch him. I’m neither John nor Mark nor Luke nor Matthew and so my writings about Christianity, God and life are, more often than not, based on my experiences and observations. I’m not that kind of girl that is gifted in fashion and pairing the right shoe to the right dress. On some days, just successfully not choosing a shirt that clashes with my shorts already make me feel like a fashionista. I’m not a food enthusiast or a cafe hopper, so food appears more of a socialising tool rather than the highlight of my blogposts. I enjoy good food, but I’m usually contented with my boiled broccoli and chicken (as my exchange mates will tell you).

So what kind of person am I exactly? How would I describe myself? Well, my blog title kind of sums it up: Wei the blur. This was a nickname given to me when I was in secondary 1 by my friends and it kinda stucked. I’ve not changed my URL since secondary 1.

I look at my blog and it looks messy and disorganised. I’ve been blogging since I was 12. So there’s my secondary school life, my JC life, my university life and my student exchange life (btw, the pictures in the header are photos taken on exchange).

I’ve considered disabling the viewing of my archives, in attempt to bury the cringe-worthy posts of my angsty ah lian twit days, but some of my friends use my blog as a time machine to transport them back to the days when life was a little more simple (or complicated). My blurness is evident in my blog: I dont have a focus or a theme surrounding my blog. I just type and post things as they come to me.

But clarity is overrated. I’ve got a weird mix of things on my blog. I write about my thoughts, school, my friends, the weird happenings that surround me… and I quite like it because it reflects my nature. I’m just another Singaporean student trying to figure life out. I’ve attempted to categorise my posts (in the menu), but it’s more for the convenience of my readers than a representation of any real categorisation in my everyday life.

If you’ve read any of my blogposts, or have made it thus far on this “about” page, you”ll realise I’m not at all eloquent or smooth. My punctuations are either missing or all over the place. My sentence structure is no go and the range of my vocab is more or less the size of a grain of sand.

I’m not sure if this is has told you anything “about” anything.

But let’s just pretend I wrote something clever here, kay?

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